You are on the research page of the Freundeskreis Traditionsarchiv Unterseeboote e.V. The “FTU” Foundation was established in cause of the express request of numerous enthusiastic visitors and friends, to give them a home where they could become members and organize themselves through personal involvement in the archive. The association supports through its economic activities - as on this site too -  directly the foundation "Deutsches U-Boot-Museum" - Traditionsarchiv Unterseeboote. All fees and revenues resulting from the sale of records and documents will be passed on to the Foundation as a donation to ensure their preservation and future continuation.

Today the FTU e.V. counts approximately 525 members (as of 2016) around the world, of which a large proportion is between 20 and 50 years old. These are not only grandchildren and great-grandchildren of U-boat-men, but also submarine-interested as model builders and others who want to contribute to the preservation of this unique memorial.

On this page we offer you the opportunity to get a comprehensive overview of the documents collected and already digitized in the “Deutsches U-Boot-Museum”. The site includes not only documents of the Kriegsmarine and Kaiserliche Marine (Imperial Navy), but also an extensive collection of photos of the respective commanders, and U-boat images of the individual boats (in present only Kriegsmarine). The further digitization of the archive stock is constantly updated and maintained.

For the Kriegsmarine there are, for example, U-boat data sheets of 1,178 boats and wartime diaries of 763 boats with a total of approx. 167.000 pages, for the Imperial Navy documents, including logbooks of about 380 boats (U-UB-UC) of about 76.930 pages.

Basically, the interested party is provided with all information without registration. Thus, a plurality of queries such as, after laying, staging, commissioning, enterprises, a.s.o. (partly only Kriegsmarine) possible. Only at acquisition it is necessary to register.

Members of the FTU receive the paper version of the documents at the price of the digital version. You can get information about the membership here. We wish you success and thank you for your interest.