Dear submarine-interested,

welcome to the research website of the "Deutsches U-Boot-Museum". We are now offering you the opportunity to search for documents from the U-Bootwaffe of the Kriegsmarine as well as documents from the Kaiserliche Marine (German Imperial Navy 1914 - 1918).

Meanwhile, we are also able to offer you photos of the commanders to every patrol for each U-boat of the Kriegsmarine - and later on the Kaiserliche Marine - as well as an overview of boat images for viewing and ordering. Since the update of the recordings will still take some time, we ask for your request in the case of missing templates.

In addition, you will get an overview of the presence of different documents, e.g. of the boat data sheets (Kriegsmarine only) and war diaries (Kriegstageb├╝cher), which are organized according to the number of enterprises and periods. In addition, the scope and fees for the acquisition are shown, whereby the database created for this purpose is constantly updated and extended.

The available boot data sheets of the Kriegsmarine summarize e.g. in a clear form, the most important facts and data relating to a specific boat, including crew lists. The war diaries contain all the records of a submarine during a patrol, indicating times, positions, and other important events.  Partly route maps, torpedo reports, radio- and / or machine diaries are available as well.

The desired documents can be compiled via shopping cart and then ordered and paid by bank transfer, check or via "PayPal". The delivery takes place in the desired form on CD, DVD, USB-stick or in paper too. With appropriate size of the data, the documents can be sent as an attachment to an e-mail. As a new shipping option the selected data can now be loaded via link (Google Drive or WeTransfer). The shipping via link saves shipping costs and will be sent to you by mail after your payment.

Thank you for your interest. We wish you success in your research.

Note: The reading quality of the archived documents varies in some cases considerably, due to the partly poor quality of the originals. Documents of the Kaiserliche Marine are often not only handwritten but written in the former German writing (S├╝tterlin). The sources of the archived data and facts are not always documented.