Herzlich Willkommen

Dear U-Boat-interested historian,


Welcome to the research-site of the "Deutsches U-Boot-Museum". We are proud of being able now to offer you the additional possibility of finding documents for the U-Bootwaffe, not only of the Kriegsmarine, but even of the German Imperial Navy (Kaiserliche Marine 1914-1918) to do research.

You will receive an overview of the presence of various documents such as the boat data-sheets (only Kriegsmarine) and war diaries, which are classified by numbers and periods of patrols. Furthermore, fees for the acquisition of documents are listed.  The database created for this purpose is constantly updated and extended if necessary.

The existing U-boat datasheets for example contain in clear form the most important facts of a particular U-boat, including crew lists. The war diaries display the recordings of every U-boat including time, position and all important events of every patrol. Partially there are maps of the patrols, torpedo-messages, radio-notebooks and/or engine-logs available.

By a cart the desired documents can be (individually) put together and be ordered. They are subsequently to be paid via bank transfer, check or "PayPal". Deliveries are made in the re-spectively desired form on CD, DVD, USB-stick, or even on paper. With appropriate size of data, the documents can also be attached to an email recipient.  As a new shipping option now the selected data can be loaded via a link from "Google Drive".

We wish you good luck and a lot of success and thank you for your interest.


Note: The reading quality of archived documents varies in some cases considerably, to-mostly attributable to the poor quality of the originals. Documents of the German Imperial Navy are often handwritten and in oldtime German cursive letters (Sütterlinschrift). And also the sources of the archived data and facts are not always documented.